Self-care tips for busy mums

by Jeremiah De Guzman on November 22, 2022

Time is precious to all mums, whether they work outside the home or inside the home. For most mums, it’s a never-ending struggle to prioritize self-care and or alone time, however, it’s important to understand, not doing this will cause more harm than good as even the most amazing mum can’t pour from an empty cup.

Here are four essential self-care tips for busy mums:

1. Make time for exercise

It doesn’t have to be a long work-out, but make it happen.

2. Eat healthy & stay hydrated

A balanced diet and plenty of water can improve your energy and focus throughout the day.

3. Try a relaxing activity

Reading or listening to a good book, writing in your journal, and listening to music are just a few examples of activities that can relax and boost your brain.

4. Pamper Yourself

Taking time to pamper yourself can reduce both the mental and physical effects of stress.