New Attitude...

by Yewande Zaka on January 02, 2024

As the new year rolls in- I plan on sharing more of what my  dear friends and family  ask me about over and over. I tend to want to keep all the content on this blog fashion or Ladyee boutique related but I hope you will indulge me as I share a little more.

Everything from parenting tips I find useful, to effective skincare I have used for years, easy basic makeup products and tips that work for me etc.

I hope you will find the content relatable and useful as I am sure we have a lot more in common that we realize and I just know the more we share and learn from one another the better our lives will be.

So as we venture into 2024, I wish you nothing but love, joy, peace, success and off course everything you wish yourself.


Happy New Year.

Love, Wande