Intimate friendships...

by Yewande Zaka on March 18, 2021

Hello lovelies-

I was coming over here to tell you about the new stuff going on over at Ladyee but I'm going to digress for a minute and talk about friendships, intimate friendships specifically.

I tuned in to a live by a fave online personality this morning and she was sharing how she realized she had to grow into her intimate friendships and it got me thinking, about my journey as far as friendships go.

I have always been super friendly and open to new friendships but I tend to limit how far these relationships progress or go because of my innate fear of over exposing myself to unnecessary heartbreak. Now that's a realization ,I have had to work on admitting to myself not to talk of even sharing. Over time I have come to realize that intimate friendships require you to really come out of yourself and trust deeply. I tend to prefer easy friendships but once I allowed myself to understand, "easy" doesn't necessarily mean the same thing(s) to everyone, iI began to experience more growth as far as my friendships go..

I am so glad I have allowed myself the deep satisfaction and growth to experience emotional bonds with some amazing humans, who have added so much value to my life over the past decade.

I jumped on an IG live early in February and stressed how important your non romantic relationships can be, much as we tend to focus a lot of energy on our spouses and romantic partners, let's not forget the immense emotional gratification that can come from the bonds we nurture with our friends. Here are a few tips that have helped me on my internal journey to being a better more trusting friend:

  • Picking my close friends wisely- less is more.
  • Not spreading myself thin- understanding my emotional bandwidth has been key.
  • Meeting people where they are emotionally- we are all a work in progress.
  • Always be supportive, no matter what- No fair weather friendships.
  • Focus on love and understanding.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Stay Fabulous.