15 Questions with Makashe Awogboro- Everyday Style Influencer

by Yewande Zaka on June 02, 2024

Introducing the "Everyday STYLE Influencer",  a new series that focuses on stylish and relatable everyday women worldwide. This series aims to showcase the diverse and unique fashion choices of women from all walks of life, highlighting their individuality and personal style. 


It's our pleasure to introduce you to the fabulously down to earth, Makashe Awogboro. She is an entrepreneur, super mum and fashionista too.

We love her effortless and feminine style and are so excited to share it with you.

We hope you enjoy our interview with her and also learn a thing or two you can make your own. 


What do your friends call you?
Mak or Makashe

Who are your two favorite style icons?
Zendaya + Tracee Ellis - Ross

What is your Zodiac sign? Month and day of your birthday?
BIG VIRGO! 24/08

What are your favorite
Green + Blue

What are your favorite colors to wear?
Green + Blue + Yellow

What influences your style?
Comfort, climate and how much wear I’m going to get out of the price.
Has to be multi- functional.

What would you wear to brunch?
A free fit dress (or A line) depending on the restaurant (flats or chunky heel – wedge.)

What would you wear to a dinner party?
Totally a nice top + jeans kinda gal.

What are your five must have articles of clothing?
A good pair of blue jeans
A white shirt
A white dress
A black dress
 Shapewear! ( a sturdy pair of spanx is everything)

Who are your three favorite fashion designers?
Fashion houses ( Roksanda, Dior, BCBG) 🙂

Share a piece of fashion advice?
Wear what you feel comfortable in – no matter what’s trending.

    Share a piece of beauty advice?
    Always take off your makeup!

    Share a piece of life advice?
    Take it one day at a time.

    Share a book you read and enjoyed?
    (Couldn’t pick one lol)
    -The heaven and earth grocery store by James N. Bride
    -Where the children take us by Zain E. Asher

    What’s on your music playlist?
    I'm an old school girlie- mostly 90's /2000's R'N'B
    UK garage + Motown hits.

    Where can the Ladyees support and or follow you on social media?
    On Instagram!
    @makasheibru / @boutiquecarouselng
    Thank you for reading! Please keep up with Makashe at @makasheibru / @boutiquecarouselng